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Kill Rats, Have Beer; New Zealand University Launch Beer Trap to Help Keep

Kill Rats, Have Beer; New Zealand University Launch Beer Trap to Help Keep
As expected, there are concerns the chosen incentive to students would promote the rise of alcoholic drinking and addiction in the university. "I don't think it's an issue because I don't think anyone's going to catch… Continue reading

Dr. Harold Vann's Coping With Life Based on Experience-Created Wisdom

Dr. Harold Vann's Coping with Life Based on Experience-Created Wisdom
His training began at the University of Tennessee Medical School followed by an internship and residency in Pediatrics at the City of Memphis Hospital followed by another residency in Pediatrics at Vanderbilt University. He served as president of the …… Continue reading

Why President Obama Must Act on Mass Incarceration

Why President Obama must act on mass incarceration
That means fewer dollars for law enforcement, drug treatment and rehabilitation, and re-entry programs to reduce recidivism – all priorities with a better record than imprisonment at reducing crime. As noted in a Brennan Center report released this …
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Dozens Trained to Use Heroin Overdose Antidote

Dozens trained to use heroin overdose antidote
Arms Acres, a private alcohol and substance abuse treatment facility, offered the program to the general public Friday in response to the swell of overdose fatalities throughout the region. "Given the recent increase in opiate deaths, this is …
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How Many Times of Accupunture Can Be Done to Stop Alcohol Addiction and Smoking?

Question by Angel Maykhalar: How many times of accupunture can be done to stop alcohol addiction and smoking?

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Accupunture is often a very slow yet effective process. When choosing an acupunturist try finding one that specializes in addiction or has treated… Continue reading

Gambling Addiction or Childish Instincts?

Question by Sam: gambling addiction or childish Instincts?
My mom is still out at the casino and she left at 9 pm and now its 6 am. she drives all the way to erie PA and we live in cleveland ohio. she goes to the casino at least once a… Continue reading