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Proposed E-Cigarette Tax Could Help Pay for Heroin Addiction Treatment, NJ … –

Proposed E-cigarette tax could help pay for heroin addiction treatment, NJ … –
Proposed E-cigarette tax could help pay for heroin addiction treatment, NJ
TRENTON — Money generated by the Gov. Chris Christie's proposed tax on electronic cigarettes should be used to expand drug treatment… Continue reading

Can Physiatrists (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) Treat Addictions?

Question by : Can physiatrists (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) treat addictions?
Addiction is a disease, and it is debilitating. And the sufferers need rehabilitation. But as far as I know, physiatrists don’t treat addiction. I want to know for sure is they do or don’t, and if… Continue reading

Is There an Online Support Group for People With a Family Member That Is Struggling With Drug Addiction?

Question by fake_blonde: Is there an online support group for people with a family member that is struggling with drug addiction?
I have a loved one with a substance abuse problem and it has taken its toll on me emotionally over the years. I was wondering if… Continue reading

'The Hungry Heart' Sheds Light on Opiate Addiction

'The Hungry Heart' sheds light on opiate addiction
The concentrated silence spoke volumes about "The Hungry Heart," a 2013 documentary that details the lives of young people in St. Albans and their struggles with prescription drug addiction. The Retreat held a private screening Friday afternoon which …
Read more on… Continue reading

1 CD Rehab Camp – Nicaragua, Photos & Description

1 CD Rehab Camp – Nicaragua, Photos & Description — Chemical Dependency Care (treatment) facility in Nicaragua Photos and Description: Based on my over thirty five years of experience in the field of chemical …

'Seinfeld' actor John Pinette, 50, dies in Pittsburgh hotel
Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images The… Continue reading

Drug Addiction……..?

Question by matt b: Drug Addiction……..?
About two years ago I had back sugery. Long story short I have been addicted to pain killers since then. As soon as my doctor cut me off, i went straight to the streets. Its been ruining my life, and i’m… Continue reading