Alcoholics & Drug Addicts Welcome?

Question by tazman: alcoholics & drug addicts welcome?
I have been a non-practicing alci for 1 1/2 years.I spent 30 days in rehab up in rockford il. were there was a very diverse mix of alci’s & addicts & I’ve been to both A.A. & N.A meetings.they seem to be basically the same.The protocol & the wording in the literature are a little different but the same messages are there. I did notice though that the NA meetings had a much younger crowd. So I guess my question is: Why have both?? The results are the same,the cure is the same,are the addictions different? thx tazman

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Answer by Liteson
NA and AA groups differ greatly depending on region

the NA groups here are very focused on use drugs, nacotics especially, and there are addicts of pain killers who view themselves to be very unlike alcoholics

they say, not myself, that being addicted to prescription drugs is very different than using alcohol

I also find that AA has more seasoned members with more life experiences and that the NA groups here tend to be younger crowds which also attract sex addicts because the sex addicts believe that they have better chances of getting the younger members to give them sex

Answer by freshbliss
They are not nearly the same. For one thing, how many people you see with 20 years clean at NA? You see a lot more of that at AA. There is a reason, and folks who go to NA will give you a lot of “reasons” – that if you think about, they really are rationalized BS – because there are just as many people in AA that were junkies and addicts as well. But they manage to stay clean……hmm….

Just something for ya to think about. I don’t care which one ya like better, as long as the end result is one you like to live with.
Be well – Peace

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