Citizens of Brownsville, Texas, Please Help!!!!!!?

Question by Elis: Citizens of Brownsville, Texas, please help!!!!!!?
Hi. I live in Croatia, a small country in Europe, but I wanna move to the US. If you live in Brownsville, Texas, or near it, or you have any idea how is it like there, I’d be very very grateful if you’d try answering some of this questions and give your opinion about the city overall:

1. How is the climate? What are the usual temperatures during seasons, highs and lows temp… Is it cold, that’s my biggest concern? Precipitation and snowfall (from experience)?
2. What about arts & culture, do you have a lot of it in the city?
3. What can you do there for recreation and where?
4. Education? Good or bad?
5. Housing and cost of living? Was it hard for you to find a place or pay a rent, and is it expensive for living?
6. What about crime and safety? Do you feel safe there? Have you ever had some problems with any sort of crime?
7. Health care? Where do you go when you’re sick?
8. I wanna be a psychologist, do you think there’s gonna be enough job places for me or am I gonna have some difficulties with that? How do you earn for living there, is it hard or not that much?
9. Short review about the city; would you recommend it or not, how do you feel about it, anything interesting that you heard, ANYTHING, please guys, it would really help me…

Thank you very much even for the smallest information, it means a world to me.
In short, please tell me anything you know about the city.

Thank you again!

Best answer:

Answer by MY DIRK
its a very poor slum in texas. im the only person in the whole town who has a computer

Answer by lady justice
People don’t normally move to McAllen or Brownsville. They are too close to the border, and there is lots of drug-trafficking related criminal activity. Weather? Folks from up north come down for the winter. They are called “winter Texans.” no, it is not cold, but the summers sure are hot. There are no seasons. Just summer, and a few cooler days from November to March. Healthcare? Go to the big city for anything major, San Antonio or Houston. Not a lot of jobs for psychologists anywhere in Texas. You could possibly get in with the prison system, or doing drug and alcohol abuse counseling, or something. Salaries for counselors is not all that great. Art, culture, recreation? Texas is good for recreation, not so much on art and culture, although if you drive 2-3 hours, you can find just about anything. Mostly sports and outdoor activities, for recreation.

Why on earth with all the places in the US would you pick Brownsville or McAllen?

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