Drug Addicted Brother? What Do I Do? ):?

Question by =D: Drug addicted brother? What do I do? ):?
This year my brother entered high school. I told my mom nnot to enroll him into this alternative high school his freshman year because long story short… it has a very big drug problem, it’s worse than most schools beacuse at this school 90% of the people in smoke pot, cigarettes or take pills or something. My brother ended up smoking cigarettes first and just recently has been dealing drugs. My mom screwed up my brother by spoiling him. He has this biggest attitude problem ever and now it’s even worse and he’s more violent. I tried complaining to the school that my brother has started dealing drugs. They didn’t catch him but when the freshman grade found out I was the one who had “snitched” on him , i started getting death threats and crap so I was scared to even go back to school. Everyone kept telling him to “beat the shit out of me”. My mom decided to take him out of the school and I’m stuck at home with him and it almost scares me. Last night he snuck out and smoked something and it made him go insane. He punched my mom in the nose and stuff. I don’t know what to do. To be honest my mom is pretty stupid and I’m the one here trying to stop this crap but I don’t know how to. I’m 16 by the way and my brother is 15.
my mom doesn’t do drugs. IN fact she doesn’t even know what marijuana or anything looks like. She’s angry about this but she doesn’t want her house taken away or to bail my brother out of jail, that’s why she’s trying not to contact the authorities..

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Answer by ?, sarah
Go to the police. You need to try something to stop this.

Or try talking to the teachers/principal.

Answer by Precious Gem
Do what your mother should have done. Call the police and turn your
brother in. Also let the police know about the threats at school and
what your mother does to support this behavior. You need to be
removed from the home and placed somewhere else until your
mother can get it together.

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