Drug Court

Remembering the Drug Court Revolution

Remembering the Drug Court Revolution
Markus and the county prosecutor have worked together to develop a protocol specifically for veterans who have become addicted as a result of PTSD after their military service. He remembered his own experiences as a drug addict, at a time when he felt …
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There Are Many Support Groups Willing and Able to Assist in Many Ways

There are many support groups willing and able to assist in many ways
Commonwealth Assisted Living at Abingdon, first Thursday, 10 a.m.; Pleasantview United Methodist Church, third Monday, 6 p.m. 276-783-8157; Smyth County, Va., District Three Senior Services, fourth Thursday, 6 p.m. 276-783-8157; Unicoi County, Center …
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Drug Addicted Brother? What Do I Do? ):?

Question by =D: Drug addicted brother? What do I do? ):?
This year my brother entered high school. I told my mom nnot to enroll him into this alternative high school his freshman year because long story short… it has a very big drug problem,… Continue reading

Cellmate Says Severely Ill Prisoner Got No Help From Jail Staff

Cellmate says severely ill prisoner got no help from jail staff
"Many of our inmate-patients come to us with multiple physical ailments further complicated by years of substance abuse and untreated mental illness," she wrote. "For many, being incarcerated provides them with much-needed access to basic and necessary …
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If Someone Opts Out of Orange County Drug Court Is Time While in Rehab Counted as Time Served?

Question by no: if someone opts out of orange county drug court is time while in rehab counted as time served?
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Struggle With Legal Highs

Struggle with legal highs
Hamish has struggled with substance abuse and addiction his whole life and spent six months in prison and two-and-a-half years in rehab as a result. His fiancee, who doesn't want to be named, says his synthetic cannabis addiction was tearing the family …
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