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How Will I Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Waterville, Maine?

Question by angelena lf: How will I find addiction treatment centers in Waterville, Maine?
I have to find information regarding addiction treatment centers. I figured getting information directly from them would be the best way to go. I need this for my project and I really want to do it… Continue reading

Reality TV Is No Answer for Lindsay Lohan's Recovery

Reality TV is no answer for Lindsay Lohan's recovery
But last summer, less than a week after her 90-day stay at Cliffside Malibu (did you catch the rehab center's commercials during the show?), Lindsay started … And once you stop, when you take drugs out of the equation, those issues… Continue reading

Does Treatment for Sex Addiction Work? ?

Question by KELLI: Does treatment for sex addiction work? ?
What exactly should someone expect when looking to get treatment for sex addiction? I mean would you be expected to quit cold turkey like a drug addict?

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Answer by D L
I would hope not. That would be… Continue reading

Addiction Treatment: Officials: County Addiction Treatment System Making Strides – Madison.com

Officials: County addiction treatment system making strides – Madison.com
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Officials: County addiction treatment system making strides
When people ask for help kicking an addiction to drugs or alcohol, experts say, one thing you don't want to tell them is, “Come back later.” Until recently, though,… Continue reading

Best Drug Treatment Centers in Tennessee

Best Drug Treatment Centers in Tennessee – For drug treatment centers in tennessee please call: (888) 652 6549 With so many drug treatment centers in tennessee it’s hard to know which one’s to trust. …


Private buyer looks to purchase former Carbondale hospital
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Proposed Camden Treatment Center & Malibu's Only Thing in Common: The View

Proposed Camden treatment center & Malibu's only thing in common: The View
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A Sept. 15 piece in The New York Times detailed how opportunists in Malibu, California, are scrambling to purchase properties and convert them into alcohol and drug treatment centers. Neighbors challenging a… Continue reading