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Critics Renew Push to Close Philadelphia Nursing Home

Critics renew push to close Philadelphia Nursing Home
Vincent Price, a 56-year-old former homeless drug addict, spent two years in the Philadelphia Nursing Home, placed there because of issues related to emphasema, and tried the entire time to get out. Price is seen here at his office job at Liberty… Continue reading

Alcoholics & Drug Addicts Welcome?

Question by tazman: alcoholics & drug addicts welcome?
I have been a non-practicing alci for 1 1/2 years.I spent 30 days in rehab up in rockford il. were there was a very diverse mix of alci’s & addicts & I’ve been to both A.A. & N.A meetings.they seem… Continue reading

Can Physiatrists (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) Treat Addictions?

Question by : Can physiatrists (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) treat addictions?
Addiction is a disease, and it is debilitating. And the sufferers need rehabilitation. But as far as I know, physiatrists don’t treat addiction. I want to know for sure is they do or don’t, and if… Continue reading

Medication an Effective Tool in Fighting Addiction

Medication an effective tool in fighting addiction
Medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction has been shown in multiple rigorous clinical trials to increase the likelihood that patients will be able to remain abstinent from the heroin or prescription opioids like oxycodone that fueled their …
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Lawyers,… Continue reading

Is Drug Addiction Treatment Really Effective?

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by Alpat

Question by dorian c: Is drug addiction treatment really effective?
What does it do? I was just wondering since a cousin of mine is undergoing this kind of treatment and I want to know what difference it will make aside from making him stop taking drugs and alcohol.… Continue reading

Heroin 'Filled the Hole': For Kid From Suburbs, Pot Was First Stop on Road to

Heroin 'filled the hole': For kid from suburbs, pot was first stop on road to
Lewis completed rehab and started taking methadone. But after six months, he said, he realized he'd replaced one addiction with another, so he entered a detox program. He has been sober since Oct. 12.… Continue reading