Where Are the State Funded Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Spokane,WA?

Question by Tracy M: where are the state funded drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Spokane,WA?
What are the names and locations of the rehab centers that people who are mendated by the court to go to them?

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Answer by ahsoasho2u2
Upon sentencing you to a facility, the court should have given you a paper. to choose a place, or direct you to the designated place ordered by the court?

Answer by iluvthe509
I recommend YFA Connections. They operate on a sliding scale, and, at least 3 years ago, classes can be as little as $ 2. Call them and save hundreds of dollars. Plus it is a good treatment center.

Adult Treatment Service & Administrative Offices are located at 22 South Thor Spokane, WA 99202
Telephone: 509.532.2000

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