Argumentative Essay Topic; Drug Addiction?

Question by xcxrxmx: argumentative essay topic; drug addiction?
i would really like to write an argumentative paper about drug addiction; possibly recovery or something not too scientific about it.
i am having trouble deciding what about drug addiction can be argued? what is a topic that has two opposing sides or different views to drug addiction?
I know where to get information i’m in an argumentative class though; meaning whatever topic i choose there has to be two sides of the issue.
Why people turn to drugs is for many complex reasons, nothing I can argue, and legalization is not on the topic of drug addiction.

But classifying addiction as a ‘disease’ is something that could make an interesting paper.

Anyother ideas? (: thank you.

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Answer by goldlust74
well you can find out why people turn to drugs, what effect it has on them and their families, the help that is offered, how easy it is to get that help, the relation between drugs and crime, whether drugs should be legal and should alcohol be legal. basiclly find out as much as you can about the subject. personally i think alcohol is the most devistating drug of all.
the best way to find out about recovery is to talk to people who have been there, and organisations involved with it.

Answer by The Duke
If it was me, I’d ask whether by classifying addiction as a disease, we are just enabling people to take no responsibility for their own lives. ‘It’s not my fault, I have a disease.’ Disease or selfishness? Having spent my life surrounded by addicts, I tend to think it’s selfishness. And as family members, how far are we really expected to go to help them with their ‘disease’? If someone has cancer, does that make it okay for them to destroy their families and hurt everyone that loves them? I’m not a scholar but I hope I made a point.

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