Boyfriend With a Drug Addiction.. Please Take the Time to Read.?

Question by Alexia J.: Boyfriend with a drug addiction.. Please take the time to read.?
I met my boyfriend 6 years ago. We dated for a year when I was 14 and then began dating again last August. During our time away from each other he developed an opiate addiction, specifically oxy and then eventually to heroin (smoking it). He was clean of opiates for about 5 months before we got together again, but began smoking a lot of weed. He also suffers from depression and bipolar disorder. His dad is a recovering heroin addict (12 years clean), while his mom has been a meth addict for 15 years.

Around the end of March he admitted to me that he had slipped up on heroin a few times since we had gotten back together. I was absolutely devastated, but didn’t want to give up on him. He has been taking Suboxone since then, but has admitted to also taking percocet.

My question is how to go about this issue. It’s hard for me to just leave him because I want to try to help him and be a positive influence in his life. I believe he truly wants to get clean, but because of his history and family it’s made in very hard for him. What type of doctor’s would be good for him to see? An addiction specialist, psychiatrist, or psychologist? He just got health insurance for his work (Starbucks).


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Answer by Mr Twobit
Time to get off the train. This train is going to leave the tracks very soon.

Answer by David1221
This is a really stressful situation for you and I totally understand what you are going through. My best friend from childhood was doing 8 balloons of heroin a day and I was getting really worried. I started to do research on different solutions to this issue and stumbled upon this treatment called Rapid Detox. With hours and hours of more research on Rapid Detox, I found this treatment that looked perfect for him, Rapid Detox Recovery. The facility is located in Las Vegas and what made this treatment different than the other Rapid Detox treatments was that this treatment is only 8 hours. I thought that was just a way to advertise but it wasn’t until I went with my buddy to Las Vegas for his treatment that I realized how simple and uncomplicated the procedure was. 8 hours –> no withdrawals, it was really that simple.

Please don’t let heroin or any other drugs ruin your boyfriend or your relationship.
Here is the website which also has the number if you would like to visit or call:

Best wishes for both of you

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