Do Bloodshot Eyes = Drug Abuse?

Question by Club_qui_gon: Do bloodshot eyes = drug abuse?
I have a ‘friend’ who takes methadone for a past addiction and i noticed his eyes were bloodshot today. Would a regular dosage of methadone cause the user’s eyes to become bloodshot? Or should I be concerned that something is being abused?

By regular dosage I mean if you are taking methadone under the care of a doctor and have for some time, say between 6 months to a year, would bloodshot eyes be a common occurrance when you take your dosage?
I dont see any crying or hayfever but my position was, in the morning say between 9 and 10 looked fine, then at 11am he has a smoke, then eyes are bloodshot, I suppose a smoke could do it too, and perhaps i’m being overly precautions

Best answer:

Answer by Nate DeAutoine
No, could be hayfever!

Answer by Rachel
You can get blooshot eyes from lack of sleep

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