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NC veterans surge brings possibilities, challenges
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The state's first veterans' treatment court will gavel Wednesday in Harnett County — a pilot project designed to help veterans with substance abuse or mental health problems now in trouble with the law turn their lives around. Local ex-soldiers and …
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Chief Keef Ordered to Rehab in California
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After being jailed for violating his probation, Chief Keef is headed to rehab in California. On Friday (Nov. 8), a Chicago judge ordered the 18-year-old rapper to enter a drug treatment facility after testing positive for marijuana. According to the …
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Irish women forced to travel for abortions to take cases to UN
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They will allege that the fact they were forced to leave Ireland to terminate their pregnancies amounted to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. Siobhain Murphy, Ruth Bowie and Amanda Mellet will call on the UN to put pressure on Ireland to legalise …
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Scared of the dentist? This is why, say neuroscientists
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The survey posed 20 questions, such as "do you get tense during dental treatment?" and "do you feel anxious when you hear the dental drill?". The volunteers answered on a scale from one to five, with one being "not at all" and five being "very much".
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