DRUG ADDICTS, Affordable HELP?!?!?

Question by Brittany: DRUG ADDICTS, affordable HELP?!?!?
I wrote about the same thing 2 years ago, this time he is even worse! My brother is now 21 years old and his addiction is ripping my family right down the middle. My family is poor, I’m 24 and in the Military I try my best to do everything I can to support him and help him. I am going broke, I’ve searched and searched for facilities to help him and I can’t find anything that won’t put me in debt! What can I do?! He’s going to end up dead or murdered. Recently, he was picked up in Pittsburgh, PA in a ditch with a stab wound to his face and leg, his shoes were missing and his vehicle(the jeep I bought him) was also gone. The police took him o the hospital where he received 82 stitches. I can’t sit aside and watch my brother die! He needs help!!!

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Answer by SethSpeaks
You can’t keep supporting him that is for sure. In your attempts to keep him safe, all you have done is make it so there are no family consequences for doing what he does. And it didn’t keep him safe. You can’t save him, he has to take part in trying to save himself. If he wants rehab, then he has to accept he has a problem first before anything.

Answer by Macayla
I’m so sorry to hear about your brother being like this. My brother went through the same sort of thing, he drank way too much alcohol and i think he did drugs as well. I thought i was going to loose him and my family because he was ruining everything! He’s fine now. My family and i supported him and showed him that we cared and that we love him he was 18-19 when he started doing this, hes 22 now and hes doing fine. Show him how much he means to you and pray for him every chance you get. We can’t control the way our loved ones behave, but we can give them a push in the right direction. Another thing my mum did, was threaten him that she would kick him out if he slipped up again. He swore not to have any drinks when he was in the house but he was also controlling himself when he went out. Also he was sent to a hospital for a few months and that hurt me so much to know he was in there but he pulled through and if your brother knows how much he means to you he will see past his mistakes and try to make them right.

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