Help. How Do I Help My Cousin Off Drug Addiction?

Question by Francisco Alves: Help. How do I help my cousin off drug addiction?
Last year he tried to kill himself during his addiction to cocaine and other narcotics. He smokes weed. He drinks too much. I dont know if hes tried crack or more. Anyways when he gets depressed he wants to kill himself. We sent him to a rehabilitation facility but that only seemed to work in the beggining. He spent like a a month in there and left the place looking like a new man. But this saturday his mother found him taking drugs again. He was staying by himself but due to his suicide attempt last year the family decided to have him move to his mothers place. Now on a personal note they had contacted me about a year ago to look for a good rehab facility in South Africa and I had to travel around 400 Km from Johannesburg to look for the perfect 1 called Healing Wings. Its in a nature reserve sort of a place and its secluded and really far from anything remotely urban. So being the perfect place to take him in he would learn to work together with the other people in the program and to build stuff and be far from all his addictions. The farm has a success rate of 90% which is really good. Now a month it would cost around 936 dollars. In rands around 7030. Its expensive but they have the money. They spend hundreds every month in games and electrical appliances. So I offered this to them and they decided to go with the cheaper alternative. So they got him into a much cheaper and less demanding rehab center and now all that has gone into crap. So Im a little hurt. Nevertheless Im still willing to help. So any tips or advice?

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Answer by Verawangg
my uncle has been a acholic and drug Aric or 40 years ,,, the only person tht can help him ishimself . &support him

Answer by Betty M
..I admire your care and concern in trying to help your friend/cousin..However and unfortunately, there is not alot more that you can do until he is ready to face this head for himself..The place you found sounds like the best place for him to go, if he is willing and if his family will pay for it in which case you might want to tell them it will cost them this much or more for a funeral that is inevitably going to happen if he continues doing this..The one thing about short term rehabs is exactly what you mentioned..They stay clean while they are in, find a few new tools in coping, but when they are released they feel very much alone and are then usually craving for a fix..What is definitely needed is the long term facility of course, then another year or more of working on a clean ranch or farm, some place that offers continued sobriety and support, and especially in how to continue to live a sober/clean life in a world that offers so much alcohol and drugs, which will always exist..In a long term rehab they put a great deal of distance between them and drugs/alcohol and find they can actually enjoy life without these and once released from there, they then will have another follow-up program where they will keep in touch or visit with the counsellors and other long term sober healthy people..His chances are the greatest the longer he remains in a rehab of course and the longer is he sober..You have to also understand that relapsing is also a part of recovering, and many others who also try will also relapse sometimes for years, but eventually they do get the program..A taste of the sober, real life, having good health, and especially waking up with a clear head is usually what makes them sincerely want to try and try again..It took me 6 years to finally, “get it” and I’ve been sober/clean now for just over 6 years..Continue to keep in touch and support him, and yes offer this rehab to them once more, many times more if necessary..We can never put a price on human life, never…God Bless

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