How Can Insurance Companies Check Your Health Records?

Question by Ross: How can insurance companies check your health records?
Fifteen years ago, I was at a rehab centre in Guelph, ON, for sex addiction.
About 6 years later, I applied for Long Term Disability Insurance, and was denied, as I had put “Addiction” and “Depression” on the form.
I am now covered (mandatory LTD coverage with my employer), but would like to raise my life insurance coverage.
Two questions I am concerned about are “Have I ever been in an institution, and “Have I ever been denied coverage”.
I had disputed the diagnosis (and was subsequently rediagnosed as not being a sex addict. In fact Sex addiction has never been part of the DSM, and has recently been found to
be non-existant at UCLA.) I did a check with MIB, and they have no files on me.

If I don’t answer no to the questions above, am I risking my beneficiary being denied a payment?

Best answer:

Answer by Roger M
You will be made to sign a release. They will know everything and will most likely deny your or give up very high rates. Good luck. I am in the same situation.

Answer by StephenWeinstein
The first thing to realize is that Guelph, ON, is in Canada, not the U.S., and the privacy laws are different. If they do get the records, it will probably be however they get records that are in Canada, not how they get records that are in the U.S.

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