How Do I Detox From Heroin at Home? Can I Get a Prescription to Help? How Can I Get Through the Withdrawels?

Question by bztime23: How do I detox from heroin at home? Can I get a prescription to help? How can I get through the withdrawels?
Would a dihydrocodeine script help? I do have to have a tooth pulled because it is cracked in half. When they prescribe pain meds will this help? I have kicked heroin for 9 years but began again after some really bad things that have happened in my life. I don’t have a full addiction, I just don’t want to go through the withdraw. The dentist will likely prescribe a vicadin. What do u think?

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Answer by ChokingVictum
I cant help you but good luck getting sober man!!!!!!

Answer by Melly
II ve never been on H for that long , but I was on Methodone for about 2 years, along with Narco. Getting off the Meth was harder then the Narco. It took me almost 1 1/2 month before I started to feel normal again. I would not recommed getting clean at home, go to a rehab center. Tell em wat you have been taking and how much, after this they give you meds that will help your body come off without so much pain. It can be hard, trust me I know. I never went to the group things they had but I think I should . It can be hard for me staying away from something that made me cum in my sleep. heh heh Good Luck

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