How to Prevent Drug Abuse in Public Places and Transport?

Question by The Man: How to prevent drug abuse in public places and transport?
Can you give some ideas? Some measures that government can take or the society can take?

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Answer by BSherman
China effectively eliminated all illegal drug use in less than one year. When New China was founded in 1949, its government instituted stern punishments against all drug dealers. All drug dealers were immediately executed.

Many westerners think capital punishment is terrible, but it worked great in China. Illegal drug use has been virtually non-existent in China for the last 60 years. How many millions of lives were spared the misery of drug addiction by the simple act of executing a few thousand drug dealers back in 1949?

China leads the way in modern social thinking. Stern laws make for a happy and safe society.

Answer by springofexpression
That’s simple. Legalize private drug use.

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