How to Stop a Drug Addiction?

Question by v3v2mvp: how to stop a drug addiction?
liek its not me but lie ksomeone i knwo and like care about very much has one and liek she/ he doesnt want help form liek a mentaly ill place wiht crazy peokle ( no offence to them) but liek i jsut i NEED THE HELP I CANT LET HER /HIM DIE I WOULDNT ALLOW IT!! NEVER!! HELPPPPP!!!!!!

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Answer by Ashelyn
gradually slow down drug use

Answer by Bianca
You cant stop a drug addict. They have to want to stop themselves. All you can do is be there for them but at the same time, keep them on a short leash. Watch them and make sure they dont hurt you because drug addicts are unable to stop themselves most of the time and they will do anything, go anywhere, and take whatever to get high. Good luck…

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