I Am Looking for a Faith Based Drug Rehab. Center in Illinois?

Question by mikesmuts: I am looking for a Faith based drug rehab. center in Illinois?

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Answer by Rebekah
Spencer Recovery Centers offers a Christian drug and alcohol treatment track for individuals who are having difficulties with alcohol and drug dependence. Christian treatment is different from typical rehabilitation facilities because it emphasizes Jesus Christ as the Higher Power referred to in all other 12 step recovery centers. In an effort to please their clients who do not believe and have not read the bible, many facilities do a disservice to their clients by not emphasizing that it is God alone who has the power to relieve you from your addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Christian recovery does not make this mistake. Our clients are believers who have lost their way and have become trapped in the vicious cycle of addiction. Spencer Recovery Centers brings together the best in medical attention, behavioral therapies and the scripture to address all of the needs of our clients.

We understand that if belief were enough to quit using alcohol and drugs that you wouldn’t need us. But it is not. Often our clients are suffering from the consequences of family troubles, legal difficulties, poor health and problems at work. The dilemma becomes more intense as the drinking and using gets worse. Take the lesson of Job and walk through this suffering and pain to a deeper relationship with God. You may not feel innocent and you may have deep feelings of shame and guilt but God is waiting to forgive you on the other side of recovery.

Call Spencer Recover Centers to find out more about our Christian drug and alcohol treatment track to stop the cycle of abuse. Our centers have helped Christians recover for over 10 years and it can work for you too.

The Grace Track Program has locations coast to coast.


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