I Have a Two Part Question on Online Alcohol Rehab?

Question by No T: I have a two part question on online alcohol rehab?
Part one is has anyone heard of www.powertoquit.org It says it’s free and a 3 month program but the only review I could find on it said they charged the guys card and kept charging it even though he canceled.
Part two is I need to have an online rehab site. I can’t afford too much money. You know cuz addicts don’t have alot of cash on hand. So I’m looking for recommendations of free or inexpensive sites. Please don’t comment on how you get what you pay for and you can’t put a price on your health. These comments come from people with health insurance through work, etc. I don’t have that option currently.
Thanks for the help in my Do Over in life.
I know of AA of course. I’m not the spiritual type. And while AA people would say it doesn’t matter that is extremely far from the truth.
I would not accept that as an option. So something else please

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Answer by Rhoda
From what I’ve heard, when it comes to rehab online, it’s not likely to work. There is a program, in CT it’s called Alcoholics Anonymous, it’s free, every week a group of people show up at a designated location and talk about their addiction and what brought them to their addiction. They have milestone ceremonies (so-to-speak) when a person has successfully remained clean and sober for however many days, weeks, months whatever. The only way to get clean and stay that way is to go to your nearest Mental Health facility and ask questions. Or go to the hospital and ask. Just say you want to get clean from whatever substance you have been using and you’re not sure about the programs in the area that could help with that; aside from detoxing in a hospital, that is. Out-patient programs.

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