I Have Questions About Suboxone Treatment. PLEASE HELP!?

Question by Missy: I have questions about Suboxone treatment. PLEASE HELP!?
Anything you can tell me about Suboxone would be appreciated. My boyfriend and I are both addicts. I am currently not using, my boyfriend is however and he wants to stop. He will be getting Suboxone tomorrow and I want to know more about it. He just told me that he has to wait to take them until he is sick from withdraw, really sick, he says. Our situation is a mess. I have to move back to Florida to live with my Mom. I will be leaving to go there tomorrow. I am worried sick about leaving him during this time. Just please tell me anything you know. The more details the better.

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Answer by Cynthia B
It’s great you both are getting clean, my ex-boyfriend went into treatment and his doctor gave him suboxone he did really well on it, I don’t think you are suppose to wait until you get really sick, that’s what this med is for, he knows it is gonna happen, why wait for it? If he takes them as directed he should be fine, I think he should start as soon as he gets the perscription, if he starts getting sick (and I know how bad it can be) he may reach for something else. Good luck to both of you, I have also heard, drinking alot of water and B12 really helps too! I will pray for you both!

Answer by Kassie18
I think I can help you, my ex boyfriend and I were both heroin addicts, and I used suboxone to get clean. I have been clean for years now, and have since went back to school and became a certified addictions counselor, so I actually work in a drug rehab amd detox people with suboxone everyday. The best way I can describe suboxone as that it works like a lock and key in the brain. Inside your brain you have opiod receptors and drugs such as heroin and methodone are full opiod agonists, and they bind to those receptors like a key would fit into a lock, and they open the door up wide, so you get that feeling of euphoria. With suboxone it is considered a partial opiod antagonost because it does bind to the receptors in the brain, but it only opens the dorr a little bit, not producung that high effect, and there is also a drug in the suboxone called naloxone, and it blocks other opiates from binding to the receptors, so if you are on suboxone, you can do all the heroine you want and you will never feel its effect. The reason you need to be in severe withdrawel when you take the suboxone is because if you are not it will put you into rapid withdrawel and not work properly, so he will have to be probably about 5 hours into detoxing, and then he can start taking it. He needs to get some of the heroin out of his receptors or there will be nothing for the suboxone to bind to. This is truly a great drug, it was a miracle for me and gave me my life back. I tried everything, methadone, cold turkey, rehabs, everything, but nothing worked until I got the suboxone, it really does take the cravings away. You may want to think about going on it as well, because it is not just a detox drug it is also used for maintence, and they suggest you take it for about a year. You guys will need alot more than just the suboxone though, you will need a support system, like going into a rehab, or getting right into the mcoholics anonomous narcotics anonomous. You can pick which ever one is best for you, I actually go to AA because I think they are more serious there in my area. I really wish you the best of luck, and hop everything works out for both of you. You two seperating for a little while is probably the best thing, and if its meant to be you will get back together. If you have any questions at all please e mail me and I would be happy to answer anything at all.

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