Is It True That You Can Apply for SS Disability After 3 Rounds of Rehab for Addiction?

Question by ravenjudge: Is it true that you can apply for SS Disability after 3 rounds of rehab for addiction?
One of my clients was bragging to another that he would be eligible if he went through another stay. (Texas, Florida, Vermont, California)
Johnny, I hear people every day BRAGGING that they fooled the SS Admin.
Folks, I am aware that lots of people get it that don’t deserve it. I also know that you can apply even if you have no expectation of receiving. However, apparently in certain states, this is allowed as a disability. So, anyone with some solid info, please help me out; I am trying to push vocational rehab here!!!

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Answer by Johnny
Where I live, you can obtain SS Disability without having anything wrong with you whatsoever. I see people every day who are more able bodied than I am, and they haven’t worked in years. They can go deer hunting, walk 5 miles in sub-zero temps, kill a 200 pound deer, drag it 5 miles UPHILL back to the truck, but they are not able to work.

Answer by Teddy & Chiliswoman
You can always apply no matter what, it is whether you will receive or not. # rounds of rehab there is a good chance, but no guarantee.

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