I’ve Been on Methadone for 7 Years and Can’t Get Off It, I’ve Try Ed Slow Detox Still It Don’t Work. HELP?

Question by love doctor (bigant): I’ve been on methadone for 7 years and can’t get off it, I’ve try ed slow detox still it don’t work. HELP?

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Answer by William Baldwin
What is methadone and what is it for? What is the dosage, and did a doctor give it to you, over counter? I just dont know what that drug is, but talk to your doctor about it, Also try to lower your dosage, instead of taking three at a time for example take two, then one, your body will still get its “fix” but it will get used to less ammount untill it doesnt need it anymore. Addiction is hard to break, but the question is do you actually need this for anything anymore or is your body needing it? Consult your doctor, and I dont know if you are religious, but try your clergeyperson, priest. You can do it if you trully want to be free from the drug.

Answer by phxmilitarymom
Since this is also an opiate you will need to talk with your Dr or with a treatment center that deals with Methadone. Your health insurance will cover this for you too. Do not try to get off of this on your own, you can go into seizures and do all sorts of crazy stuff when going through the withdrawals after taking it for 7 years. I think your best bet is a Methadone treatment center since this is what they specialize in. They have ways of getting you off of it that wont allow you to go into withdrawals and are very understanding and patient people. Good for you for wanting to kick this habit and I do wish you the very best with it.

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