Kurt Cobain? Suicide or Murder by That Rotting Waste of Space Courtney Breathing Up All Our Air……….?

Question by AMY M: Kurt Cobain? Suicide or Murder by that rotting waste of space Courtney breathing up all our air……….?
I truly believe that that horse-mouthed no good wh*rehouse had him killed. It’s in all the text that she had someone that had information on it pushed in front of a train. Dead men cant pull triggers. He had 50 times the heroin in him, he wouldve passed out by the time he even thought to put his finger on the trigger (if it reached).

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Answer by Child of Satan (suspended)
I think he killed himself

Answer by melissa
It doesn’t matter now, we lost a truly great musician and nothing will ever bring him back.

RIP Kurt Cobain

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