Letters: Focus More on Addiction Treatment

Letters: Focus more on addiction treatment
Newsday has had many articles on the opiate pill and heroin epidemic on Long Island ["Law would give addicts best chance at recovery," Editorial, March 10]. I am a mother of an addict in a treatment program. I appreciate the articles on how heroin works.
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million sought for drug addiction treatment programs
ALBANY >> New York's growing heroin problem is being fueled by the state's crackdown on abuse of prescription pain medication, drug abuse experts said Tuesday, calling on legislators to provide $ 15 million for treatment programs. One of experts who …
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Counterpoint: Addiction is complex, and so is treatment
There are multiple paths to addiction, and we need multiple paths to recovery. Dan Cain, president of RS EDEN, a multidisciplinary social-service program that provides substance-abuse treatment, correctional transition, aftercare support and housing.
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