Life Sux. I Want 2 drink.sober 3 1/2yrs. I Weighed Pros N Cons. Worst Situation, My Bf Won’t Give Me A2ndchanc

Question by Very Close 2 Drink: Life sux. i want 2 drink.sober 3 1/2yrs. i weighed pros n cons. worst situation, my bf won’t give me a2ndchanc

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Answer by Shan
As a relapsed, but recovering alcoholic, all I can say is that YOU WILL REGRET IT!!! and probably more than any other big mistake you have made in your life. The following may help: Alcohol/Drug Abuse Hotline

Be Sober Hotline
ALCOHOL: A legal, liquid drug. If male, limit yourself to preferably 2, and certainly an absolute maximum of 4 standard drinks, daily. Because females metabolise alcohol differently from males, they should limit themselves to one standard drink, daily, with an absolute maximum of 2. Everyone should have at least one, and preferably more, alcohol free days a week, to let their liver recover. For females who are pregnant, or trying to be: THERE IS NO SAFE LEVEL OF ALCOHOL FOR A FOETUS!!! Check out and and CALL: (USA) 1-888-4AL-ANON. (recovery forum) Check out: and go to: ~~~ There will be a huge void left by its absence, and that void will need filling, so have a plan in place for when you get over the physical withdrawal symptoms. It’s a good idea to avoid your previous associates, and hangouts, at least for a while, so you are not unnecessarily exposing yourself to the temptation to backslide, but, if you do, don’t just give up! Accept that you are only human, and therefore fallible, but use that failure to re-double your resolve that you won’t allow it to happen again. I used free, online poker, at (DON’T gamble for money: YOU WILL LOSE!!! The house takes a cut, and there are some very good players, some of whom use computer programs, and I suspect the possibility of collusion between certain parties, using second computers and email, or I.M., or phones, and sharing profits). More ideas on what to do may be found in section 16, here at ALCOHOLISM (ALL USA PHONE NUMBERS)
Al-Anon Family Group……1-800-356-9996
American Council on Alcoholism…..1-800-527-5344
Alcohol and Drug Hotline………1-800-821-4357
National Council on Alcoholism…1-800-NCA-CALL. & Use your phone book, in other countries.

Today’s thought from Hazelden is:

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

One of the biggest problems of addiction began with the initial desire to increase and continue to use an addictive substance. All of us who have gotten to the point of overdoing the consumption of a substance were basically, in some manner, filling a need to be what we thought was “normal” like other people.

We were convinced we were unworthy, inadequate, afraid, and lonely whenever we compared ourselves to others. We disconnected and isolated ourselves, not only from our peers, but also from our own real selves. We lived in a world of fantasy.

Our problem was more than a physical hunger for the things that made us dependent. It was also not dealing with crazy thinking, self-defeating behavior, and screwed-up emotions.

Today, I’ll remember addiction is two-fold: one was my substance use and the other was an irrational thinking pattern. He who helps a friend in woe is like a warm coat, when in the snow.
–Russian Proverb
We came in from a very hard life when we came into recovery, kind of like coming in from a blizzard in Siberia! The old life was dangerous, cold, and lonely, and it forced us to use all our energy just to survive. Sooner or later it would have killed us. We were definitely in woe.

Someone – a family member, a friend, a boss, a probation officer – offered us a chance to get sober. That person saved our life, as surely as if he or she walked out into a blizzard and wrapped around us like a warm coat. We accepted the help this time.

In the future we will have the chance to help others who are still out there freezing in the blizzard of addiction. We can offer them the kind of help that saved our life. We can’t make them accept our help though. We just keep it handy, like a warm coat, in case they reach out to accept it.

Is there an alcoholic or an addict in my life I wish I could help? I realize that my example is the best way to show them recovery. (FROM: ):

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Answer by triple O G
as an addict and an alcoholic myself, I would advise against that first drink. I have relapsed twice myself after having first 4 yrs. clean ,then went on a 1 yr run and wound up in jail then a program because I thought a drink would fix the pain my life was bringing me.then I had 3 1/2 yrs clean and I thought I was cured.this time I lost my house, my car and went to state prison Now I have 17 mos. clean and I embrace my sober life, joy and pain , life on lifes terms

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