Methadone vs Suboxone?

Question by Joe: methadone vs suboxone?
what is better I been on methadone 40 mg for about 6 weeks, with suboxone do I need to go to the clinic ever morning? does it hurt your sex drive? my cravings are gone and I dont feel drug sick, any ideas, i also have depression that i feel the methadone helps alot will the suboxone help with that?

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Answer by Barbara
I’ve been on suboxone for about 6 months and I think it is a wonderful drug. I’ve taken methadone for short periods (during detoxes) but don’t have that much personal experience with it although I’ve spoken with other people who are using it for opiate maintenance. Perhaps, the best thing about suboxone is that a doctor can prescribe a month’s worth in his office and you pick it up at the pharmacy like any other prescription. Thus, you don’t have to go to a clinic every day. Like methadone suboxone cuts down on cravings. Suboxone can be used to detox (although you have to wait at least 12-24 hours after your last opiate use before taking it or it will send you into acute withdrawal) and is highly effective. I was able to detox from heroin using suboxone without much discomfort (other than the first 12 hours I had to take before my first dose). Like methadone, suboxone can also be used longer term to reduce cravings. The difference is that suboxone blocks the opiate high. So, if you took methadone and a few hours later used an opiate, you would get high. If you took suboxone and a few hours later took an opiate you wouldn’t get high. There wouldn’t be any adverse effects (it’s not like antibuse which makes you sick when taken with alcohol), you just wouldn’t get high from the opiate. I also suffer from depression and think the suboxone helps slightly with that. It also helps relieve some of my anxiety. Finally, I’ve been on and off suboxone, and from what I hear from methadone users, it’s a lot easier to get off suboxone than to get off methadone.

Answer by Johannes
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