My Friend Has a Tetris Addiction! What Do I Do?

Question by Danny L: My friend has a Tetris addiction! What do I do?
My friend has an addiction to the game tetris. She’s constantly playing it and it is consuming her life. She also justifies it by citing dubious scientific research in support of her addiction. I believe that she is in denial about her addict. Does anyone know of a good Tetris rehab centre in the metropolitan Melbourne area? Cheers

Best answer:

Answer by AudgePodge
Haha just tell her teris is stupid and to shop playing it. Or you could”accidentally” break the game, but that would be mean though. Also you could ask her to go do something fun, then shell realize how fun the world is outside tetris.

Answer by Winston
What’s wrong with having a Tetris addiction? XD

Maybe you could take the game off her. Doubt that there would be a rehab centre for Tetris LOL.

Time her and see how long she plays, then show her how long she’s been playing Tetris for.

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