Name This Book? YA, Drug Addiction, Prostitution, Music.?

Question by : Name this book? YA, drug addiction, prostitution, music.?
I read a book about a year ago and can’t recall the name of it. It’s about a musician named Alexander who is in a band and meets a teenage prostitute(who I believe is named Patty, but I am unsure). He ends up falling in love with her and at the end gets killed because of her pimp.
Thanks in advance, it bothers me that I can’t recall!

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Answer by charming
“Run the Game” by Jason Myers.

“Alexander didn’t believe in love at first sight until he met Patti. She’s the kind of girl you hear about in songs: gorgeous, feisty, and dangerous. Being with Patti is better than any high, and he can’t live without her.
But Alexander’s not the only one who wants to be with Patti. Burke ruthlessly takes what he wants and will kill to protect what is his. And he won’t let Patti go without a fight.”

A similar book you may like: “Candy” by Kevin Brooks.

“When Joe meets Candy, it seems like a regular boy-meets-girl scenario. They chat over coffee, she gives him her number, and he writes her a song. But then Joe is drawn into Candy’s world — a world of drugs, violence, and desperation. As the dark truth about Candy’s life emerges, Joe finds himself facing real danger at every twist and turn. “

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