Need Recommendation for a Good Rehab in LA, and a Good Wedding Chaple in Las Vegas?

Question by probum: Need recommendation for a good rehab in LA, and a good wedding chaple in Las Vegas?
Looking for rehab for drug or alcohol addiction in Los Angles, and a wedding chapel in Las Vegas (cheesier the better, near greyhound station the best)!

If you have recommendations or been to one of those places, please let me know the location and especially if you have their websites and pictures, thanks!

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Answer by surfjax32
There are tons of rehab programs in the LA area. What you really need to do is fine one that fits you. Each one offers a unique program. Are you looking for Inpatient/Day/Outpatient? This really can make a difference on which one you choose. Here are some websites to help you:

When picking a place it does matter what you are seeking treatment for. Programs do speacilze in certain things such as cocaine addiction ect…You will want to find a place that meets the needs of your addiction. Also do you/other person have insurance?? Before you go anywhere you need to find out what your insurance will cover and how to get that covered. I use to do mental health benefits and people ended up paying a lot of money because they did not call the insurance first…..I know stupid but true. If you are on a state or federal insurance policy check with them, most of the time they have a few certain places that they will let you go. If you do not have any of the above, contact the rehabs and speak with someone. They will be able to help you find an assistance program. Call before you go to any of the rehabs, if they are full they will not take you so make sure they have room before you go!

Okay as for places to get married in Vegas, There is always the Little White Wedding Chapel. They do themed weddings and well everyone gets married there. Quick fast and cheap. Here are some other sites that have places have about the same thing:

Hope this helps good luck!

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