New Holland Area Focuses on Preventing Drug Abuse: April 28 Program

New Holland area focuses on preventing drug abuse: April 28 program
At the meeting, a representative from Senator Pat Toomey's office will be on hand as well as family members and other experts to talk about drugs, including the abuse of prescription drugs, warning signs, addiction and parenting strategies. Before the …
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COMMENTARY: Kristy Blanchard: Battling substance abuse: New program
Sometimes parents and educators don't know the warning signs of addiction or what to do once signs arise. Through BSAFE, they can find a pamphlet and video with tips on how to identify substance abuse and locate resources to help them overcome it.
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Local leaders plan special meeting on rise in drug use, burglaries in White
Grandparents, parents and residents will learn how drugs are introduced to teens, warning signs and what to look for if they suspect drug use, officials said. Police will share the most recent trends on drug abuse within the community — an important …
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Warning Signs of Teenage Drug Addiction

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