Post-Festive Detoxing

Post-festive detoxing
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"This is when some people consider detoxing to assist the body to eliminate the toxins," Mafentile says. Alcohol is the main culprit and, with detoxing, special care must be taken to deal with it. "Alcohol is a toxin in the body, therefore drinking a …
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Dr. Oz gives solutions for liver repair and detox
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The episode focused on the damage that is done to the body over time through eating unhealthy foods and drinking alcohol. The liver is one of the first organs to take a hit. Fatty food clogs the liver, making it impossible for it to function correctly …


Detox misconceptions
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"I'd argue that all we need to do actually make those organs function really well is be careful of the amount of alcohol we drink and saturated fat we eat, and if we watch those things in our day-to-day diet, then there's absolutely no need to do …
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