Russian Annexation of Crimea Threatens Drug Therapy for People Suffering From

Russian annexation of Crimea threatens drug therapy for people suffering from
Opioid Substitution Therapy is a medically-based response to long-term drug addiction. People who have tried and failed to stop drug use can receive a substitution drug that is less addicting — often methadone or orbuprenorphine — under medical control.
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Shoals Drug Addiction Counselors See Spike In Heroin Cases
“About seven or eight months ago, consistently have seen more people coming and saying heroin was their drug of choice, or if I can find it I will use heroin,” explained Heath Haddock, program director at the Shoals Treatment Center in Sheffield.

For Heroin Treatment, Testing A New Drug And 'Peddling Hope'
He said he's committed to counseling and group meetings this time, because while Vivitrol can control heroin use, it can't fix his depression, guilt or the scars of childhood traumas. “I need to work on…” Daus paused. “I need to work on me, what my …
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