Serious ?..How to Help a Heroin Addict Detox Without Suffering From Withdrawal symptoms.outside of Rehab.?

Question by maddy: Serious ?..How to help a heroin addict detox without suffering from withdrawal symptoms.outside of rehab.?
Withdrawing from heroin without treatment cant be deadly, but how can someone withdraw or stop using without going into a rehab? One alternative i here of is Methodone, which in my opinion is a substitution.
But having witnessed the severe pain of withdrawal. I don’t think it can be done without some type of short term medical treatment. How can you help someone, with no insurance and can not go into a rehab? Is there some short term medical solution one can do privately in their own home? Is there a way to detox safely at home?
This person is very dear to me and does not apear to be using to get high, but mostly just to be able to function. (literely can not get out of bed in the morning without sniffing a bag)
This is a terrible predicament but nonetheless a serious and deadly one.

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Answer by Jocelyn D
what ever u decide to do, the person will still have withdrawal symptoms. that’s when u know its actually working.

Answer by jturtle_23
why cant this person go to rehab, even without insurance most states have a program that is state funded(been there with no ins.) rehab is the best option, most places will keep you for 14 daysand in thse 14 days you really do learn to function again without your drug of choice.

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