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Citizens of Brownsville, Texas, Please Help!!!!!!?

...  abuse counseling, or something. Salaries for counselors is not all that great. Art, culture, recreation? Texas is good for recreation, not so much on art and culture, although if you drive 2-3 hours, you can find just about anything. Mostly sports and outdoor activities, for recreation. Why on earth… Continue reading

Looking for a Free Drug Rehab?

...  from vomiting or upset stomache anyone know where there is one? Best answer: Answer by RichardDarwinism Answer by AndrewHi Bobbie, I recommend you contact TreatmntDr. They have the best rehab programs in the United States. If you have insurance, they can help you. It will hardly cost you anything… Continue reading

Ohio's Heroin Deaths Rising

...  heroin deaths rising “From 2011 to 2012 we saw a dramatic rise in heroin, and the bad news is from 2012 to 2013, it's gotten even worse,” said Montgomery County Coroner Dr. Kent Harshbarger. Harshbarger said data already being collected from 2013 is showing the 2012 record … Read… Continue reading

Addiction Treatment Specialists Say State Funding Is Too Low – Bloomington Pantagraph

...  – Google News Despite Obamacare, a gaping hole in addiction treatment – USA TODAYDespite Obamacare, a gaping hole in addiction treatmentUSA TODAYThe Affordable Care Act, which promises sweeping changes to help millions of people with drug or alcohol addiction, requires that treatment be offered to those who are… Continue reading

I’m Seeking a Quality Alcoholic Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Located in a Good Area of Las Vegas.?

...  within the $ 600-$ 1000 per month price range? It must be located in a good area, and the center must also treat alcoholism (as opposed to solely drug addiction). Thanks so much in advance! I need to find one ASAP. Best answer: Answer by banananose_89117Check out Spring Mt… Continue reading

How Can I Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Yucca Valley, California?

by hihousedems Question by ahtziri s: How can I find alcohol addiction treatment centers in Yucca Valley, California? My brother has been gobbling up way too much liquor for the past five months or so, and I’m terribly worried. His work has been badly affected by his alcoholism that he… Continue reading