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Kool Living Recovery Opens Its Doors to Help Individuals Battle Addiction

Kool Living Recovery Opens Its Doors to Help Individuals Battle Addiction
Licensed/certified and fully accredited, Kool Living Recovery is a highly specialized addiction treatment center that provides tried and tested treatments to help clients eliminate their addiction once and for all. Headed by Nicholas Russi, LAADC, CADC …
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Addiction Treatment Specialists Say State Funding Is Too Low

Addiction treatment specialists say state funding is too low
SPRINGFIELD — While lawmakers look for solutions to Illinois' heroin problem, addiction specialists say the state isn't providing them with enough funding.
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BioCorRx, Inc. CFO, Lourdes Felix discusses 10-K Filing for 2013
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Data on Drug Addiction?

Question by thecheapest902: data on drug addiction?
I would like to have any data on drug addiction in the world, how many percentage of its people are addicted by country.

It’s better if there is any additional information on drug abuse among celebrities in US and other countries.

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How Do You Taper Off Percocet if You’ve Took It 3 Years and Are Very Addicted?

Question by Justin L: how do you taper off percocet if you’ve took it 3 years and are very addicted?
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Where Can I Look Up Drug Rehab Programs in Virginia?

Question by capoeirakid: Where can I look up drug rehab programs in Virginia?
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Drug Rehab California

Drug Rehab California — 888-376-0706 A drug rehab California is a place where someone with an addiction to drugs can go and receive treatment. …

Betty Ford Center ready for a comeback
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