drug and alcohol abuse

Citizens of Brownsville, Texas, Please Help!!!!!!?

...  the border, and there is lots of drug-trafficking related criminal activity. Weather? Folks from up north come down for the winter. They are called “winter Texans.” no, it is not cold, but the summers sure are hot. There are no seasons. Just summer, and a few cooler days from… Continue reading

Vermont Senate Hears Challenge of Opiate Treatment

...  on the treatment system, the head of an addiction-treatment … Addiction Treatment – Yahoo News Search Results Christie speaks with compassion on drug addiction and treatment (CNN) – Republican Gov. Chris Christie teamed up with former Democratic Gov. Jim McGreevey to talk about drug addiction on Thursday, the same… Continue reading

Sarah Leung, Vancouver Mother, Guilty in Babies' Deaths

...  Leung, Vancouver Mother, Guilty In Babies' Deaths VANCOUVER – A Vancouver jury has convicted a 28-year-old woman of two counts of infanticide in the separate deaths of her two newborn sons, finding her guilty of a lesser crime than second-degree murder. … Lawyers will return to B.C. Supreme Court… Continue reading

Collingwood Favourite Joffa Corf Is Helping Others Survive Homelessness and

...  favourite Joffa Corf is helping others survive homelessness and … For 14 years he has been part of the support network at Foley House in Footscray, a Salvation Army residential facility for men battling mental illness or drug and alcohol abuse. Here, the man better known for his… Continue reading

Addiction Counseling Treatment (ACT)?

by !/_PeacePlusOne Question by Touchdown: addiction counseling treatment (ACT)? First…..you mess up and get a DUI. The ACT counselor may want further classes/sessions depending on the quiz that was filled out. If your father, who you haven’t seen since 13, has a history of drug and alcohol abuse in his… Continue reading

Was the Drug Abuse Among US Soldiers in the Vietnam War Really a Myth ?

...  you’re talking about an area right near the “golden triangle”, a famous source of opium and other drugs for export. some american solders smuggled it back to the u.s., at times in the caskets of dead comrades. Answer by MariaSooo not a myth, and I won’t reveal my sources.… Continue reading