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Alcohol Rehab Sought for Uranium Suspect

Alcohol rehab sought for uranium suspect
VERNON — The forest fire that has burned 75 acres since Monday evening is “contained” and will be monitored for the next few days, a fire official said.
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Brownsville TX Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches New Drug Detoxification… Continue reading

A Conservative Approach to Drug Laws

A conservative approach to drug laws
At a recent town hall he said, “We're not going to eradicate the drug problem, but every life we save is a life that's worthwhile. There's no life … Citizens are cultivated by institutions: families, religious communities, neighborhoods, and nations …
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Why Do My Parents Enable My Drug Addict Brother?

Question by : Why do my parents enable my drug addict brother?
My 27 year old brother is a long-term meth addict and really an all-around degenerate. He is a total parasite who remorseleslly squanders my aging parents’ resources on drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, gas, legal fees… Continue reading

What Is Your Opinion on Homeless People and Traffic Greater Vancouver?

Question by Kristine A: What is your opinion on homeless people and traffic Greater Vancouver?
Quite often when I’m walking in downtown Vancouver I see homeless people on the streets begging for money. I also can tell that many of the homeless people are mentally unstable and have drug problems.… Continue reading

Write About Your View on Drug Abuse Among Teenager?

Question by mic_yellow: write about your view on drug abuse among teenager?

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Answer by ashicare4u
Many teenagers will have some experience with alcohol and other drugs. In fact, drug use among adolescents is much more common than parents realize. About one in six persons between… Continue reading

Drug Addicted Brother? What Do I Do? ):?

Question by =D: Drug addicted brother? What do I do? ):?
This year my brother entered high school. I told my mom nnot to enroll him into this alternative high school his freshman year because long story short… it has a very big drug problem,… Continue reading