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How Can I Find Drug Rehabs in Lexington, Kentucky?

Question by ashlynn b: How can I find drug rehabs in Lexington, Kentucky?
My dad is addicted to heroin, and I want to find a drug rehab center for him. Any ideas?

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Answer by “TWIST”
the salvation army is your best bet.
but he has a tough road… Continue reading

Working in a Drug Rehabilitation Center?

Question by slsmd85: working in a drug rehabilitation center?
how does a person go about working in a drug rehab center? Do you have to have some sort of license or certification? Also what positions are there in rehab centers?

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Is There Any Drug Rehab Centers in California ?

Question by Coz M: Is there any Drug Rehab Centers in California ?

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Answer by Meta
Yes there is.. California is a big city, of course it has drug rehab centers.

Answer by Jennifer E
There are all kinds of drug rehabilitation centers in CA. There are a… Continue reading

I Am Looking for Help With My Drug Abusing Drunk Husband!?

drug abuse help iowa
by SS&SS

Question by Mary From Wyoming: I am looking for help with my drug abusing drunk husband!?
I asked a question the other day and I got many responses, I was surprised! now I have decided to put my husband into an alcohol treatment center in iowa. can anyone… Continue reading

How Will I Find Drug Rehab Centers in Easton, Pennsylvania?

Question by anneliese tc: How will I find drug rehab centers in Easton, Pennsylvania?
My cousin is asking for my help in finding drug rehabilitation centers. His wife died a few months ago, and he has been addicted to drugs since then. Now he wants to change because it’s not… Continue reading

Drug Rehabilitation My Wife’s Story.

Drug Rehabilitation My wife’s story. — Drug Rehab wife story Number 4 In this video you can see the drug addiction struggles of a wife as she tried to save her man. http//drugrehabus.org http://yo…

Council supports RGV youth drug rehabilitation center
Mission City Council joined a Valley-wide effort to bring… Continue reading