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Proposed E-Cigarette Tax Could Help Pay for Heroin Addiction Treatment, NJ … – NJ.com

Proposed E-cigarette tax could help pay for heroin addiction treatment, NJ … – NJ.comNorthJersey.comProposed E-cigarette tax could help pay for heroin addiction treatment, NJ …NJ.comTRENTON — Money generated by the Gov. Chris Christie's proposed tax on electronic cigarettes should be used to expand drug treatment services and combat… Continue reading

Is the Detox Process at Harbour Village Florida Really Useful ?

Question by : Is the Detox Process at Harbour village florida really useful ? Best answer: Answer by Brad HeydenA safe, effective way for an addict to recover is to check in to a detox center like Harbor Village where he/she can recover through a medically supervised drug or alcohol… Continue reading

How Will I Look for a Drug Rehab in Circleville, Ohio?

Question by aisling f: How will I look for a drug rehab in Circleville, Ohio? We’ve only just moved here a week ago. I haven’t familiarized myself with the place yet. It’s just that my daughter really needs to get herself treated for her heroin addiction. She’s tried going cold… Continue reading

Correction: Heroin Deaths-Ohio Story

Correction: Heroin Deaths-Ohio story Riggs says her daughter couldn't shake the grip of heroin despite stints in rehab and attendance at AA meetings. Ohio says 680 people died of heroin-related overdoses in 2012, a record. ANDREW WELSH-HUGGINS — AP … COLUMBUS, Ohio — In a story April … Read more… Continue reading

More Somerville Families Opening Up About Heroin Addiction

More Somerville families opening up about heroin addiction An older version of Narcan was available at the house where Tommy died, but no one knew how to use it, Wally said. He's also hoping to get involved on a deeper level, Wally said … A baseball player while attending the… Continue reading

Methadone Detox Houston

...  Detox Houston — As seen on A&E’s Intervention…A dignified and compassionate Methadone Detox center in Houston. We can help you detox from Methadone painlessly. Recover fro… At 21, recovering heroin addict starts over Lewis completed rehab and started taking methadone. But after six months, he says, he realized he'd… Continue reading