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Correction: Heroin Deaths-Ohio Story

Correction: Heroin Deaths-Ohio story
Riggs says her daughter couldn't shake the grip of heroin despite stints in rehab and attendance at AA meetings. Ohio says 680 people died of heroin-related overdoses in 2012, a record. ANDREW WELSH-HUGGINS — AP … COLUMBUS, Ohio — In a story April …
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Brockton Mayor Seeks Harsher Penalties for Drug Dealers – WBUR

Brockton Mayor Seeks Harsher Penalties For Drug Dealers – WBUR

Brockton Mayor Seeks Harsher Penalties For Drug Dealers
BOSTON — Calling Brockton the “epicenter of the heroin crisis in southeastern Massachusetts,” the city's mayor, Bill Carpenter, is proposing tougher penalties for dealers caught trying to sell drugs within 300… Continue reading

Heroin Addicts Face Barriers to Treatment

Heroin addicts face barriers to treatment
Of the 23.1 million Americans who needed treatment for drugs or alcohol in 2012, only 2.5 million people received aid at a specialty facility, according to the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Heroin addicts are a …
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Can Physiatrists (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) Treat Addictions?

Question by : Can physiatrists (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) treat addictions?
Addiction is a disease, and it is debilitating. And the sufferers need rehabilitation. But as far as I know, physiatrists don’t treat addiction. I want to know for sure is they do or don’t, and if… Continue reading

What Do They Do About Heroin Addicts and Alcoholics in Jail?

Question by : what do they do about heroin addicts and alcoholics in jail?

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Answer by WRG
It’s called forced detox. It is ugly.

Answer by Bruce
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Is There an Online Support Group for People With a Family Member That Is Struggling With Drug Addiction?

Question by fake_blonde: Is there an online support group for people with a family member that is struggling with drug addiction?
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