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2014 Medicare Costs a Mixed Bag: Medicare Planning for Retirement

2014 Medicare Costs a Mixed Bag: Medicare Planning for Retirement
Other protections for seniors involve various preventative services, now covered at 100%, along with the prominent resolution of the Medicare Part D "donut hole" in recent years, which significantly lowers the average costs for prescription drugs. On …
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3 Drug Therapy Assessment PCP

3 Drug Therapy Assessment PCP

2 arrested in multi-agency drug bust
PcP? Or even Marijuana? Doctor's and Pharmacists are trying to help PEOPLE, manage their pain!! If those same PEOPLE decide to abuse the medication and take it MORE than prescribed; please explain to me how that is the… Continue reading

Why Does One Crave Salt After Drinking Alcohol?

Question by The Invisible Hand/Illuminati: Why does one crave salt after drinking alcohol?
I noticed a odd phenomenon that after drinking a small glass of wine or just a beer there seems to be a craving for salt. No I’m not drunk or anything just a usual small glass of… Continue reading

Summerlin-Area Neighborhood News, March 25-April 2

Summerlin-area Neighborhood News, March 25-April 2
The seminar will discuss the signs, symptoms and treatment options for erectile dysfunction and male stress urinary incontinence (bladder leakage). The free seminar is open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. Space is limited, so RSVPs …
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Loss of Funding for Drug Treatment 'Beyond Belief'

Loss of funding for drug treatment 'beyond belief'
Drug treatment providers across the state just got word that neither the Department of Social and Health Services nor the legislature has come up with the funding to pay for outpatient and detox treatment for the poor. With the shift to the… Continue reading

Downtown Community Court Sees Greater Drop in Repeat Offenders Than

Downtown Community Court sees greater drop in repeat offenders than
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“When you look at chronic offenders, 50 per cent at least are suffering from some kind of mental illness,” he said Wednesday. “Others are either homeless or addicted to drugs and alcohol, so… Continue reading