Mental Health

Jobs Within the Rehab Centers?

...  by : Jobs within the rehab centers? What job opportunities are they when wanting to work in an addiction rehab center? Would I need to go to school for nursing? Or something else? Best answer: Answer by A FNursing is one possibility with a specialty in mental health nursing,… Continue reading

Drug Addiction Help Chat

...  11 at Broadway Theatre in Vista … Read more on San Diego CityBEATFar and Away The St. Mary's hospital system wants to go further, using cheaper and more conventional video-chat technology to provide psychiatric help to even more far-flung clinics. "Patients adapt to it much easier than health… Continue reading

Take the Globe Opinion News Quiz

...  Globe Opinion news quiz Were you paying attention this week? Test your knowledge of world events, celebrities, and obscure astronomical occurrences in this week's Globe Opinion news quiz. Tweet your results to @GlobeOpinion. Read more on Boston Globeby G A R N E T Civility and community: Lovin'… Continue reading

Barnes: What Needs to Change About How Abuse and Addiction Are Treated

...  abuse and addiction are treated Note: It's illegal to discriminate against those in recovery in the areas of housing, jobs, health care, education and government services — NIAAA, A super article in from Dec. 9, 2012: "Eight Reasons Addiction … Read more on Auburn CitizenIntegrity House Hosts… Continue reading

Genesis of Drug Addiction?

...  Everyday life becomes a struggle and simple things become too much to handle. Drugs are used to deal with it. In the case of addiction, we are not talking about the use of medication, under the care and observation of a doctor. People who have been clinically diagnosed with… Continue reading

Dual Diagnosis Patients: Treating Clients With Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health Issues

...  Diagnosis Patients: Treating Clients with Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health Issues — This webinar will review current trends in co-occurring disorders, identify the most common mental health issues among addicted patients, review screening an… Kennebec County Veterans Treatment Court to expand The program operates in conjunction with the Co-Occurring… Continue reading