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Screen-Addicted Children May Have Newest Mental Illness

Screen-addicted children may have newest mental illness
In January, Emil Hodzic, a qualified psychologist with seven years experience, established a video game addiction treatment clinic in Sydney's CBD, because of what he saw as growing demand from frustrated parents and damaged children. He said he was …
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Genesis of Drug Addiction?

drug addiction disorder
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Question by : genesis of drug addiction?

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Answer by Valeria
Here are some of the causes of drug addiction:

Aside from the inherited factors, some people have a personality that is more likely to become drug dependent.

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Libs, Why Do You Consider Unflattering Facts About homosexuaIs to Be Examples of Bigotry?

Question by : Libs, why do you consider unflattering facts about homosexuaIs to be examples of bigotry?
Higher rates of AIDS, venereal disease, mental illness, child abuse, drug abuse, etc.

A fact is fact, isn’t it?

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Answer by Domino
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Dual Diagnosis Patients: Treating Clients With Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Dual Diagnosis Patients: Treating Clients with Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health Issues — This webinar will review current trends in co-occurring disorders, identify the most common mental health issues among addicted patients, review screening an…

Kennebec County Veterans Treatment Court to expand
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I Saw a Center for Internet Addiction Recovery. Are We Addicted to Internet?

Question by dingy: I saw a center for internet addiction recovery. Are we addicted to internet?
will it be listed as a mental illness or something like a psychological disorder? I didn’t get it.

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Answer by Jerzee Devil
who are you calling “we”, white man?

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SA Coroner Warns of Gout Drug Use

SA coroner warns of gout drug use
He found that Ms Werner, 76, died as a result of colchicine toxicity at an Adelaide nursing home in December 2010. Colchicine, a substance derived from the plant known as the meadow crocus or autumn saffron, is extracted and used in medications, …
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