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95 River Valley Fifth-Graders Graduate From Rumford DARE Program

95 River Valley fifth-graders graduate from Rumford DARE program
MEXICO — Ninety-five fifth-grade students from Meroby and Rumford elementary schools and Holy Savior School graduated Tuesday night from the Rumford Police Department's Drug Abuse Resistance Education program.
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How Much Does It Cost to Go Into Drug Rehab?

Question by DeadDeadDead: how much does it cost to go into drug rehab?

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Answer by frank
ain’t too cheap. I worked at one in Anchorage, alaska and I wanna say a day in detox was about 165 and a day in non medical residential treatment was about 80… Continue reading

How Many Times of Accupunture Can Be Done to Stop Alcohol Addiction and Smoking?

Question by Angel Maykhalar: How many times of accupunture can be done to stop alcohol addiction and smoking?

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Answer by TC
Accupunture is often a very slow yet effective process. When choosing an acupunturist try finding one that specializes in addiction or has treated… Continue reading

Hinton Event Aims to Raise Awareness of Drug Epidemic

Hinton event aims to raise awareness of drug epidemic
It could be that you had a family member who battled addiction or a friend who took advantage of kindness to get drugs. A group in Summers County is …. Another day, Eis got a lecture from a heart surgeon, she… Continue reading

Recovery Day Rally & Walk Edmonton – Hope and Connection

Recovery Day Rally & Walk Edmonton – Hope and Connection — YouTube by Civil Information Activist Doug Brinkman : http://www.ciactivist.org/ Recovery Day rally and walk held at Beaver Hill Park Edmonton. EDMONTON Sept…

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Drugs and Alcohol ‘WA’S Curse’

Drugs and alcohol ‘WA’s curse’ — The Police Commissioner has described drug addiction and alcohol abuse as Western Australia’s curse.

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PERTH, Australia (AP) — Searchers hunting for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet raced toward a patch of the southern Indian Ocean on… Continue reading