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At Dakota County Jail, Volunteers Are Helping Inmates Get a Second Chance

At Dakota County jail, volunteers are helping inmates get a second chance
He ended up in a treatment center at age 12. He bounced from odd job to odd job and crime to crime until he ended up in the Dakota County jail in 2008. He had “no direction in… Continue reading

Kansas City MO Treatment Center Call (855) 912-7867 Rehab Treatment Center Kansas City Missouri

Kansas City MO Treatment Center Call (855) 912-7867 Rehab Treatment Center Kansas City Missouri — Call Now (855) 912-7867 Alcohol Addiction Treatment Rehab for Liquor and Drugs Picking the therapy center that would most eff…

NBA expert picks: 4/1
… Noah best center? Tony Luftman and Laura Rutledge debate… Continue reading

Addiction-Treatment Workers at Fitchburg Forum: ‘We Can’t Afford to Have It Fail’ – Sentinel and Enterprise

Addiction-treatment workers at Fitchburg forum: ‘We can’t afford to have it fail’ – Sentinel and Enterprise

Addictiontreatment workers at Fitchburg forum: 'We can't afford to have it fail'
Sentinel and Enterprise
GARDNER — Addictiontreatment professionals and those affected by addiction are calling for increased state funding… Continue reading

Good Drug Rehab Facility in Missouri?

Question by Zach: good drug rehab facility in Missouri?
i’m looking for a place like in breaking bad, somewhere peacefull like a spa that can help my friend cleanse his soul, not be chained to a bed and wait it out. ive never heard of a place like this as… Continue reading

Does Anyone Know of Any Good Drug Detox and Rehab Centers in or Around the Memphis, TN Area?

Question by coltonandcartersmommy: does anyone know of any good drug detox and rehab centers in or around the Memphis, TN area?

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Answer by nochocolate
offering long-term substance abuse and co-occurring disorders treatment for women

329 N Bellevue
Memphis, TN 38105

151 N. Montgomery
Memphis, TN 38104
901-276-2364… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Centers in Albuquerque, NM?

Question by mouse_13_f: Drug rehab centers in Albuquerque, NM?
Looking for a good one that will help with pill addictions. Would like it to be affordable but good. This will take all our family’s money but its for a good cause. Please help me out. Thank you.

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Answer… Continue reading