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Ripple Recovery Ranch |Holistic, Luxury| Texas Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Ripple Recovery Ranch |Holistic, Luxury| Texas Alcohol & Drug Rehab — Ripple Recovery Ranch is a residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation facility that specializes in the treatment of substance ab…

5 Reasons Bans on Designer Drugs Won't Work
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Why President Obama Must Act on Mass Incarceration

Why President Obama must act on mass incarceration
That means fewer dollars for law enforcement, drug treatment and rehabilitation, and re-entry programs to reduce recidivism – all priorities with a better record than imprisonment at reducing crime. As noted in a Brennan Center report released this …
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Gambling Addiction or Childish Instincts?

Question by Sam: gambling addiction or childish Instincts?
My mom is still out at the casino and she left at 9 pm and now its 6 am. she drives all the way to erie PA and we live in cleveland ohio. she goes to the casino at least once a… Continue reading

Neighbours Raise Concerns Over Proposed Treatment Centre Near Pasiley

Neighbours raise concerns over proposed treatment centre near Pasiley
Brockton council heard concerns about a proposed teen residential drug addiction treatment centre south of Paisley.
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Webster Says She Didn't Know Facility Released Salisbury

Webster says she didn't know facility released Salisbury
“Even if he had completed treatment he was to return there,” Webster said. ”There's no … Salisbury, 29, of Pennsylvania Avenue, was charged with kidnapping and second-degree sexual assault in connection with an reported attack on March 6. According …
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The Scourge of Heroin Addiction – Boston Globe

The scourge of heroin addiction – Boston Globe

The scourge of heroin addiction
Boston Globe
For example, why is medication management for the treatment of heroin/opioid addiction scorned by so many? In a recent Boston Globe article, Hillary Jacobs, director of Substance Abuse Services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, acknowledged… Continue reading