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Drug Help, Someone Is in Danger.?

Question by : Drug help, someone is in danger.?
I need to know of a place in the Philadelphia area thar helps kids that are adiccted to drugs and such.

Plz include a link. Thxs

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Answer by Candace
hope this helps

Answer by hisloveisbetterthanlife333

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Alcohol Rehab in Dallas TX | Dallas TX Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Alcohol Rehab in Dallas TX | Dallas TX Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers — Alcohol Rehab in Dallas TX plans concentrate on drug and alcohol dependancy through counseling, clean and sober living facilities, d…

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If Someone Opts Out of Orange County Drug Court Is Time While in Rehab Counted as Time Served?

Question by no: if someone opts out of orange county drug court is time while in rehab counted as time served?
if his time in jail while on drug court is applied as time served do they include time spent in a sober living house while in drug court as… Continue reading

How Much Is Drug Rehab a Month in California?

Question by mr. frodo: How much is drug rehab a month in California?
any drug, i just need an estimate for a school project. Orange County.

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Answer by Dr Hrvacic
It costs hundreads unless you are admitted by the state, which would then be for free.

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Does Anyone Know of a Good Detox and Inpatient Treatment Center in Milwaukee, WI?

Question by EzraMoon: Does anyone know of a good detox and inpatient treatment center in Milwaukee, WI?

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Answer by kermit
I’ve heard Meta House is really good.
Are you a woman? They specialize in women. Its downtown on prospect.

my friend was doing outpatiet stuff there… she… Continue reading

Mercy Addiction Recovery Center Expands Services

Mercy Addiction Recovery Center expands services
"Clients will be able to do this interactive program in the privacy of their homes on their own computers or at the Addiction Recovery Center Resource room as an important part of the treatment they are receiving at the Addiction Recovery Center …
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