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Summer Movie Release Schedule

...  spent two weeks in rehab in January to cure herself of drink, drugs and Justin Bieber. Now it looks as if Selena Gomez is going through a friends … The teen sisters spent the first weekend of the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California … Read more on Jamaica… Continue reading

Citizens of Brownsville, Texas, Please Help!!!!!!?

...  for psychologists anywhere in Texas. You could possibly get in with the prison system, or doing drug and alcohol abuse counseling, or something. Salaries for counselors is not all that great. Art, culture, recreation? Texas is good for recreation, not so much on art and culture, although if you… Continue reading

The Seedy Underbelly of Rehab Centers' Online Marketing

...  Seedy Underbelly of Rehab Centers' Online Marketing Lack of scientific evidence aside, residential treatment centers (also known as addiction recovery centers or rehab centers) purport to offer a safe, supportive treatment environment for a person to detox from their addiction, typically for up to 30 … Read more… Continue reading

Addicted to Profits: Insurance Companies Adjust Coverage of Methadone Clinics

...  intensive outpatient addiction treatment facility serving Hilo since 2000, has appointed Dayna Gaitan as its interim clinical director. Gaitan has worked in the substance abuse treatment field for seven years, working her way through the ranks as an effective certified substance abuse counselor to her current role as interim… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Facilities Taking Notice of Teen Heroin Use

Drug Rehab Facilities Taking Notice of Teen Heroin Use A disturbing trend is taking form throughout high schools in the United States, and that is a dramatic increase in how many teenagers are both experimenting with and regularly using heroin. It is believed that this surge is related to tightened… Continue reading

Waiting Lists for Addiction Treatment Grow, as Region Sees Increase in Heroin Use – Elmira Star-Gazette

...  addiction. Both psychiatrists are prescribing Suboxone, an antidote that came into wider use about five years ago, in combination with …Addiction Treatment – Google News Finding treatment for opiate addiction fraught with challenges – Worcester TelegramFinding treatment for opiate addiction fraught with challengesWorcester TelegramSometimes, people get an… Continue reading